Project-Based Online Learning Communities

An Online Learning Community is a group of individuals who share a collective goal and values, and who want to collaborate, share their practice openly, getting and giving help to peers, and engaging in reflective dialogue. These communities are designed to keep educators engaged in ongoing learning and sharing of practices. The primary objective of this type of learning community is to support education practitioners as they work to improve their practice. EECapacity’s Project Based Online Learning Communities achieve this by engaging participants in the development of a joint project or product, such as an e-book or other online resource. 

Currently we are offering three Project Based Online Learning Communities at full capacity:

  • The Climate Change Environmental Education POLCA (Project-based Online Learning Community Alliance) engages environmental educators who share a sense of urgency about the need to expand efforts in the broader EE community to address climate change through a full array of interdisciplinary learning opportunities for people of all ages. 
  • The Measuring Environmental Education Outcomes Learning Community facilitates collaborative learning among EE practitioners who are interested in innovative approaches to capturing EE program successes and challenges that help assess their impact and guide program changes.
  • The State Consortia Learning Community facilitates the exchange of ideas, resources and lessons learned between the leaders and members of the different EECapacity State Consortia as they apply their individual strategies to expand and diversify their state and regional networks. This community is open only to State Consortia awardees. 

Check this website to find out when future learning communities will be offered and how to sign up. Each community has a limited number of spaces available.

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