EECapacity Workshop at 44th NAAEE Conference

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Oct 15 2015 - 08:30 to 12:00
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San Diego, CA


Join us for our pre-conference workshop at NAAEE's 44th Annual Conference, October 15th, in San Diego, CA!

Communication Strategies to Effectively Integrate Climate Change into EE Practices
Thursday, October 15
8:30am - 12pm

Have you ever come up against climate change skepticism in your programs or your community? In this workshop, we will explore effective approaches to communicate about climate change for various audiences, including op-eds, storytelling, and public deliberation forums. Workshop presenters will discuss the theoretical underpinnings of climate change perceptions and communication, including diffusion of innovation, terror management, and cultural cognition theories. Participants will then craft messages for their home audiences.

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