Graciela Cabello

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Latino Outdoors
Los Angeles, CA

Graciela Cabello is the National Director at Latino Outdoors and works towards building a network of individuals in conservation, and environment with the purpose of engaging more communities in outdoor experiences. As part of her role with Latino Outdoors, Graciela focuses on implementing a national strategic vision, building infrastructure, growing capacity, and cultivating strong partnerships. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University, East Bay. Prior to joining Latino Outdoors, Graciela worked in project management, side by side with film studios, television networks, and ad agencies on a multitude of marketing and programming initiatives. The demands and high-pace of the entertainment and advertising industries led her to dive into recreation activities in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle. During this time, her love of public lands really flourished, and she began to pursue a career in environmental education to conserve these majestic spaces.

Graciela is passionate about the outdoors and particularly enjoys bringing people together through a common Latino identity. Her goal is to share the transformative power of nature so more communities feel connected, healthier, and empowered to protect the environment for future generations. Graciela loves to camp, hike, ski, cycle, rock climb, kayak, and sit around a campfire looking at the stars.

The Project

Latino Outdoors is a unique Latino-led organization. The group is working to create a national network of leaders in environment, conservation, and outdoor education. As part of this work, they focus on expanding the Latino experience in the outdoors, providing greater leadership, mentorship, and professional opportunities. Latino Outdoors also serves as a platform for storytelling where the community can share cultural connections and narratives often overlooked by the mainstream environmental movement. It is a space for the community to be present, share their voices, and display the conservation practices inherent to Latino culture for generations.

The Latino population is the fastest growing American demographic. They are also among the most under­represented groups in conservation, outdoor recreation, and environmental education organizations. In a short period, Latino Outdoors has expanded from a California-based organization to a national volunteer movement gaining the attention of many park agencies, conservation organizations, and outdoor retailers seeking to connect with the Latino Community. The rapid growth has created a need to better equip and support volunteers in their advancement as outdoor leaders and advocates for diversity and inclusion in our shared public spaces. The Latino Outdoors T3 project will focus on building an online education tool the team can access for resources to supplement their knowledge. The content will comprise a diverse library with themes such as basic wilderness skills, cultural relevancy in the outdoors, and current literature on diversity, inclusion, and environmental justice. The team will strengthen their outdoor leadership skills, be able to communicate the Latino Outdoors mission with confidence, and serve as strong advocates in their communities.



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