Christopher Cousino

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Central Park Conservancy
New York, NY

Christopher Cousino is the Associate Director of the Center for Urban Park Management, part of Central Park Conservancy’s Institute for Urban Parks. He enjoys meeting with park managers and organizations from around New York City, the United States, and the world to share experiences in managing urban parks. He previously spent over a decade managing gardeners, lawns, and landscapes in the busiest, most vibrant sections of Central Park, including Sheep Meadow and Strawberry Fields. Christopher has a degree in film and English from the University of Michigan.

The Project

In Spring 2016, the Center for Urban Park Management will launch an annual six-part webinar series that offers a selection of topics relating to urban park management, sharing Central Park Conservancy’s 35-year work and experience with park organizations around the world. The Institute for Urban Parks is committed to elevating the profession of urban park management. Urban park management covers all aspects facing urban parks today: funding, administration, public-private partnerships, operations, visitation, and their role in communities.

Through the online webinar series, the Center hopes to create a forum for sharing experiences in managing urban parks—providing individuals and organizations with a greater understanding of park management. In the process of sharing these experiences in managing Central Park, the Center aspires to help other organizations learn from them, develop a robust, on-going conversation, and build focus and a deeper mastery in each other’s professional efforts.


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