Analisa Freitas

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Latino Outdoors, Voces Verdes
Washington, DC

Analisa Freitas is an environmental advocate and community organizer. She was born in Perú, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world and infamous for its overwhelming pollution of air, soil, and water in Lima, the capital. She then grew up in the heart of California’s Central Valley, one of the world’s most productive agricultural areas and now the new Dust Bowl due to severe drought. Environmental extremes are a part of her history, but mitigating those extremes is what she intends to leave as her legacy. Now with Voces Verdes and Latino Outdoors, Analisa helps bring more Latino leaders into the realm of environmental advocacy as a means of continuing to redefine what it means to be an environmentalist. She supports a national network of over 100 grasstops leaders to advocate for climate change solutions such as clean energy investments and stronger environmental policy. Analisa’s interest in the T3 Accelerator program relates directly to her leadership development work, as many of the leaders need to be equipped with region-specific, culturally relevant information, and tools that allow them to use their creativity to develop on-the-ground projects. Analisa loves biking, video editing, and using social media for good.

The Project

The Latino Outdoors team is working on a portal that will be a one-stop shop for creating Ambassadors for the program, using the outdoors and conservation as a platform for leadership development and creation of new stewards. There will be a digital toolkit, with two components. One will focus on the organization and the environmental movement, along with critical skills such as public speaking and event planning. The second will focus on training specific to the outdoors, including naturalist guides, wilderness skills, and other environmental programming needs.

As a nationwide organization with little staff, Latino Outdoors wants to ensure that stakeholders are interested, engaged, learning, and contributing to the effort, even if they are not direct staff. Latino Outdoors strives to bring the outdoors to every space of the Latino community's lives and illustrate the diversity that lives in the umbrella of the term "outdoors". As a largely millennial staff, plugged into the digital space, the T3 project will help the team effectively leverage their digital powers for advocacy, share their stories, and influence decision makers and the environmental movement as whole.


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