T3 (Train the Trainers’ Trainers) Fellowship Program

The T3 Fellowship Program is EECapacity’s latest effort to build capacity for engaging communities in environmental education. A large number of the organizations we work with have been investigating the creation of online learning platforms. To increase the impact of these efforts, EECapacity created the T3 Online EE Learning Accelerator.

A Train the Trainers’ Trainers effort, the accelerator is a face-to-face and online capacity building opportunity for those organizations who are ready to take the leap into becoming an online learning opportunities provider. The first pilot cohort is a mix of national and regional environmental organizations focusing on different audiences and areas of need. All Fellows’ online learning projects support EECapacity’s goals to Strengthen, Grow, and Diversify the Field of Environmental Education, and to Promote the Value and Impact of EE and EECapacity.

In early August 2015, our Fellows gathered at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York for a 3-day in-person workshop to learn from technology and instructional design experts as well as to draw on each other’s experiences with online learning. The Fellows developed action plans for the creation of environmental online learning opportunities for their respective communities and audiences.


Meet our 2015 Fellows!

2016 T3 Accelerator Announcement (PDF)

2016 T3 Online EE Learning Accelerator

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